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Jun 2018
when i met you
you were at the hands of ghouls
a gimping coterie of Satan's
who pleasured at the torments they inflicted upon your innocents
who bound your feet
bones in a vice
making you
their Chinese fantasy
a delicate *** trinket
a manacled smooth petite beauty
in agony
bending you into twisted branches
those heartless devils,
drinking red ice cocktails
you put your heel on their throats
by craving death
that will teach them!
gloating at your fear
filling their emptiness
with your trembling
your dreams faded
into the body of a wounded kitten
has God
given us the cold shoulder?
hacked angels wings to stumps
and left the doors to hell wide
leaving your soul a torn crag flaming?
little ******* fire
screaming in the cave of self
would he weep at your alter
and kiss your scarred tissue
begging your forgiveness
lamenting his snide toys of fate
sweet cursed apples
and sly snakes
twisting raptured seductions
your life, cross and curse
a burnt offering
a blood light blinking
with no fire escape
blamed by the idiots of religion
for everything
only a child
who sank her pink mouth into a serrated moon
now always weighing death
bathtub ******, red ribbon glamour
dreaming paraphilias tide
eyes a ghastly vacancy
floating like a feather
tabernacles grave
a buoyant shell
in crimson clouds
a smiling dread
what does it take
for God to redeem himself?
must we storm paradise
before he fills you
with perfumes bliss
and effulgent lights embrace pours through your soul
like lanterns rose sky?
A poem partly based on a true story of a girl in the care of a foster Mormon family

This poem is based on a true story of a dear lady friend of mine who yearns for death. Who poses dead like a strewn corpse as an expression of masochistic love and lust, photograph after phonograph. Lament is a poem about the cruelty of her childhood that transformed her into a woman with an extreme masochistic obsession, a gnawing hunger for voluptuous ****** horror and her own demise.
Written by
zebra  M
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