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Jun 2018
everything rots, reeks and crumbles into pieces,
all turn into dust and degenerate corpses.
there is no magic portal gun to zet into another reality,
you will be slapped morning, noon and night.

everything stinks, dies and rears its ugly corner,
all end up competing and cheating one another.
dismal gloom over powers hope and fake altruism,
bring on your brickbats for my negative thoughts

everyone reacts, when there is nothing to lose,
or when you have someone around you to support,
everyone remains silent, when the obvious states otherwise,
whichever you chose, didn't i get a reaction from you.

nothing is what it appears or speaks for itself to be,
everything is devoid of a collective conscious, a common grave
bury your higher order being wanting some stirring,
stop reading this poem, and build something real.

still persistent, are we? click that, tweet this, like that, hate this,
fire away your anonymous cannon ***** in well dressed amnesty,
breathe in life, turn off that news, hug someone,
create something, anything, don't consume the internet today,
we have more reporters that we will ever need,
what we need is news makers...
a random rambling directed at nobody in particular
Mirror Mirage
Written by
Mirror Mirage  M/Dubai
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