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Jun 2018

I get it. I totally get it. I can finally see who you really are. You've been rejected so many times. You offered love in a tray fabricated with flowers and glitter and somebody threw it away. Yeah β€”I see it now. I see that look in your eyes. You're screaming inside. You want people to see the real you but at the same time you don't want to explain yourself to them anymore. Because you're tired. You're exhausted from all the mess life has put you through. People judge you for being the way you are but you're so desperate for them to realise it themselves β€”that the real you –that the real you is still capable of receiving love and giving love in return. But it's not happening. You're cursed by your own deep, dark thoughts and it's a cycle you can't escape from. Unless β€”unless someone good enough pulls you out of it.
Written by
Annie  22/F/Pakistan
   Nayeli Rodriguez, Indranys and Kam
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