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Jun 2018

Am I evil For feeling something I shouldnt?

For knowing the truth
The unerving fears
The roaring rivers
Full of my lonely tears

Am I evil For stealing away your light

I took you away
Rid you of this personal hell
As this place was like a jail
Within it you silently dwell

Am I evil For wanting to be yours?

I wanted you
That's all I ever asked
Even though for you
My memory is long passed

Am I evil For longing to hold you tight?

To hide you away
Hidden quietly within my arms
Though you were difficult to contain
As you were your own storm

Am I Evil
For loving you with all my might
For allowing you to fly
And letting you fill my mind each night

Am I really that Evil
For giving you my heart
Or are you the evil one
For breaking it apart

Maybe I am Evil
For trying to give you the blame
For reasoning with myself
Saying its not just a game

Am I Evil... Or is it you?
My minds driving me insane
Trying to figure out who is who, thought
We both held the key to each others chains

Could it be that we both are evil
As we each had a role to play
That our fragile yet manipulative souls
Were the thing that lead ourselves astray

It seems that
We are both Evil

Written by
Nyx  18/F/Shadows of the Opera
(18/F/Shadows of the Opera)   
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