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Jun 2018
Every night I wonder
what it's like to feel the rush of an unforgettable night.
It's such a shame that I'm forced to crave
the comfort of home.
Just once I want to take on the night
with my fellow dreamers,
show them all my best side
seeing me feel this drink in my bones.
I don't wanna be alone tonight,
so let us ride high and show me what it's like to be still young.  
I'm tired of hiding behind crowds,
but there's plenty of room back here for me and my thoughts.
If being this afraid and alone is all I have,
well, I guess I'm destined to be a dreamer.
Prove me wrong,
I'm ready to disappear into the lights.
for those nights when you just wanna go out and have fun with friends but your anxiety tells you to just stay home and be a homebody
Morgan Mercury
Written by
Morgan Mercury  23/South Carolina
(23/South Carolina)   
   Morgan Mercury
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