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Jun 2018
A toxic person
Living off of a wonderful woman
Like a parasite
Feeding off of her good nature
Toxic substances
Constantly coursing through his veins
Becoming less and less humane
And more and more monstrous
She was trapped
He played his games
The supposed love of her life
Cancer didn’t bring him down
Cancer made the leech only stronger
Until finally
One last substance
One last toxic substance
Was his downfall
How do you even mourn
When this man
Abused with pride
Abused the woman
Abused the drugs
Abused the system
Leaving the woman behind
Leaving his daughter behind
The woman fell in love
With that toxic man
Giving up herself in the process
She cries
She’s empty
The emptiness will linger
But soon
She will realize
She’s free
Free from the abuse
Free from the parasite
Free from the toxicity
my mom’s best friend (I’m really close to her too) has been dating this AWFUL man for years. he died today after overdosing and it’s giving me lots of conflicting thoughts. how DO you mourn for this man that ****** the life out of someone you love? he treated her like garbage up until the day he died, yet she is heartbroken. life is weird
Written by
soph  19/Florida
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