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Jun 2018
I wish i could let go of all my cares.
Just as if they were all feathers scattered in the air.
My problems fly up left,
And my worries drift away towards the right.

I wish i could only keep all my emotions pure.
Good thoughts, wishes, hopes.
All of those would stick to me like glue.
Leaving me, a complete person.

I wish i could blend in with all the others,
And learn how to wholeheartedly accept affection.
If only i wasn’t so deprived from it,
When i was still young.

I wish i was able to concentrate,
Without my mind wandering off.
I feel like i'm floating through cool streams of water.
My thoughts, straying away like a pool noodle.

But, wishing isn’t getting, right?
I can wish and want all day,
And still end up with nothing.
In the end, my yearnings weigh equal to a feather.
Written by
Gray  F
   Austin Ryskamp and luci
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