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Jun 2018
Vishvi Aurora   Poems  
Published 20   Drafts 8

Vishvi Aurora 15s
Some feelings are not to be shared
Just because you are scared,
Temper makes you a bear,
And all those calls you lose ,
Isn't that not fair?
But well I go on and on,
Hiding my sorrow in and making it small,
By often sitting alone in that hall,
That makes me feel secure,
All my feelings just someone tore,
But I :D ,
Thought of writing some More,
My tears touched till the ground,
Giving my face small wound,
And now,
I know
No one's just yours !
Except you when you control yourself and be own and yours,
Not changing according to the world,
Because ,go hell those cruel swords!
Written by
Vishvi Aurora  16/F/India
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