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Jun 2018
Today I am broken, today I have died, I've shattered under the crippling weight of consciousness, crushed under the pressure of insatiable living, love is the creator and the destroyer, I died trying to live, I lost trying to win, destruction of reality, a fever dream of dispair, ungodly depression, dared to fail, tormenting my soul, grief laughs as I suffer, the stare of perpetuating madness, the touch of seething insanity, Icey cold breathe of death on my neck, I am changed, I am lost, when will my resurrection come for I am gone, dreams buried in shallow graves, love gave me life, love took it away, love baptized me under the beacon of hope, nourished by the hands of gods, love gave me reason, love gave me the rope, the hangmans noose, I starve and rot in a sea of wasted existence, a cesspool of deception, demons tearing my flesh, my bleeding heart, my crying eyes, lost in pain, the dead shall never rise
Written by
Steve  24/M/New York
(24/M/New York)   
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