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Dec 2018
I am a girl
Growing into a woman
Puberty and adolescence
constantly strike my mind and body
and there's nothing
I can do about it

My hips curve out wider
than before
My chest is shaping
into something bulkier
My face seems to get spots
that creme's don't even reduce
My hormones roller coaster
through my mind
and the oestrogen in my blood cells
makes my heart beat

It makes my heart beat
for those who think
that I'm weak
For those who think
that I'm lame
For those who think
that I'm stupid
For those who think
that me bleeding
through my ****** is disgusting
yet they forcefully *** my body
without my consent and think
that it's fine

How can periods be as disgusting
as ****?!
Hiding my pad
in my underwear is more than enough
Now locking the fact that I was *****
in my mouth and keeping it
as a very dark secret
might just be too much to hold in
I don't have the strength
to shut my lips about
my crying soul,
the same way
that I don't have the strength
to keep hiding my femininity
God granted me such characteristics
and it'd only be disgraceful
to have an imperfect human
shame His works

The striding hips
that you get attracted to
are the very same ones
that bleed my purity
The very same opening
is the one that the men
of this world ****
How can you be disgusted
by my something so natural
and not by something so violent?

The feminine body
is one that you shame
and have the guts to diss
The feminine body
is the one that you ****
and have the audacity to try and silence
The feminine body
is the one that gave birth to you
and you still have
the guts to undermine it
as inferior
Who do you think you are?

Don't cash crop my temple
Don't **** my body
Don't harass my soul
Don't call me names
Don't judge my figure
believe that you're more dominant
than me
because we're both human
and we're both equal beings

I am just a girl
A very beautiful girl
with a smile that's as consoling
as night
A body as beautiful
as the sunset
Eyes as bright
as the moon and the stars
A scent as indulging
as a rose
Skin as smooth
as the fine threads of silk
And a voice
as blissful as the sound of a singing canary

I am a female
I am a girl
I am what you're not
So cherish me
Written by
PoeticPresident  16/F
     mc6lm and Life
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