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Jun 2018
We like to pretend we are perfect.
We lie and say we are alright when we know we aren’t. Children cry and people die and people **** every day. And still, we push those things away and try to stay pretty,
Is it because we are unaware?
Or do people simply not care,
That others just like them continue to suffer every day.
How do you watch someone fall,
And not help them up?
How can you see someone torn apart and not try to put them back together again?
You say “I’m fine” and expect others to help out,
But what can you expect when you give them reason to doubt you are kind-hearted, and true?
Maybe you think that is you,
But until you show the world how caring you can be,
You might as well be a terrorist or a criminal.
You need to see that this world needs you the most.
Change it for the better.
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