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Jun 2018
You can look in the mirror,
And like what you see.
You don’t hide, you won’t put up walls.
You have no guilt or regrets to feel.
You don’t make mistakes,
But you still learn.
You are wise, but keep the heart of a child.
You never feel alone,
But you don’t need to be around others.
Your smile lights up the room,
But it stays natural.
Your skin stays flawless,
And you don’t even try.
You have seen no preoblems,
But you aren’t ignorant.
You are loved and wanted,
And still have the respect of all.

You are perfect in every way,
Because you are fake.
You are just in my head.

Perfection is in unattainable,
And yet we are put down when we realize that we have flaws.

We can’t be perfect,
So we should be happy as we are...

Then how come even when I’m told I’m worth everything,
I don’t feel like anything?

How come when I’m told I deserve love,

I can’t even love me?
Written by
   Rick the shoe shine boy and H-B
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