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Jun 2018
Just like Lucifer you fell down,
painting horns attached to your crown,
breaking my heart in a small town,
before heading to the showdown.

Your wings have never looked so sharp,
I tip-toe away from the scarp,
Frantically looking around,
before heading to the showdown.

I was good and I gave my best,
you kept staring, hurting my chest ,
my new friend's homes in a ghost town,
before heading to the showdown.

I dropped my weapons at the fight,
Can't we finally make this right?
the devil comes with a count down,
before heading to the showdown.
Sometimes you can watch the destruction of good people. It’s not always fun.  Sometimes when we learn bad things about someone we love we become disgusted, emotional and over-the-top.

I think that we all make mistakes. I think people should be forgiving, but I do know, there is a fine line of ‘mistakes’ and ‘forgiveness’ when you know that person won’t listen to you.
It’s tragic because sometimes you just have to wait for them to realise on their own accord or you watch as others pick at that until they’re completely mentally destroyed because they refuse to acknowledge their faults and get help.

I always offer the best I can and sometimes that’s not enough. I can’t do anything about that.

I wanted to follow the themes of a devil for this poem as I felt it fitting almost with Christianity and the bible overall with the story of Lucifer. He was the best, did the best he could and then just one day turned on everyone and fell out of the sky. It was almost terrifyingly accurate to many people in life – one moment they are someone adored, the next moment you find out they’ve been doing a lot of horrid things behind closed doors.

I decided to pick “before heading to the showdown” as a repetitive line in this poem as I felt that when you are someone who has done wrong, you panic and anticipate for the moment someone discovers what you did, sometimes people get that feeling simply from how anxious they are and overall, sometimes, good people get it when realising they have to confront the truth before them. A showdown is an overall metaphor for the ‘big callout’, the revealing of what that person has done and their fight for their life.

A lot of people admittedly forget when someone does something illegal, they will always have a defendant of some kind to defend what they did, no matter how bad. Making it an even showdown.

Sometimes people also attempt to ‘callout’ while being in the wrong, having the whole thing twist around and focused on them instead.

For this poem, I tried to write using Kyrielle, it was definitely interesting, a little difficult admittedly, but it was quite easy to get used to as you go along.
Louisa Coller
Written by
Louisa Coller  21/Non-binary
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