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May 31
Left behind to sigh?

Six days and twenty three hours
And fifty eight minutes; waiting for two.
It’s been six days and twenty three hours
And fifty eight minutes that I have been waiting to talk to you.

If one day I get the chance to tell you how I feel,
Then I hope you will take the time,
To see my love for you is the real deal.
I wish I could convince you that my feelings will not change;
For two minutes, I will wait for fifty eight,
Plus twenty three and six more days.

My stop watch tells me stop day dreaming,
About a love that can never be;
But my watch it doesn’t know anything,
Except that the time is twelve-o-three.
You see last night has come and gone and by now I should be asleep,
But still here I lie thinking about you and six days and twenty three.

If tomorrow I see a sign that leads me away,
I will be sure to pay it no mind, because I have words I have to say.
If you are loved by the person that you love,
Then I will disappear into history;
But if you too are waiting,
For something good to walk into your life,
Then maybe I should try, to show you a piece of me.

This heart is all at odds, because it thinks it is time it became a pair.
Do I carry on with only you in my sight?
Or do I sigh like you were never there?
Zombie walking hand in hand,
With the nothingness of single life.
Fix me; let me try to be your man
And maybe you could find somebody that you really like.

This is no time to be wasting time;
All or nothing, not a one night stand.
I want you, now it’s your turn to decide
And tell me how I can make you understand?

A question mark has appeared on your lips.
We have so much to learn in two minutes of time;
But for fifty eight minutes and twenty three hours
And six long days, I have been waiting for you,
To tell me if you like me, or to just walk away.
Are you really going to just leave me behind to sigh?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey
Written by
Aa Harvey
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