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May 2018
You walked in I was immediately mesmerised, an introduction, transfixed we speak exchanging words inquiring, discovering, the beauty unwinds like a flower petal by petal, layer by layer I am entranced by the warmth of your brown eyes, the loveliness of your smile and the vision before me draws me in further, your voice is like honey, viscous and sweet but strong, I study your mouth and notice the little wrinkles  at the side of your lips when you smile, I feel the energy you project all encompassing and I bathe in your glow, oblivious to everyone else in the room, my focus is on you and all that you are, I immediately have this urge to tell you about my recent life and the collection of events that brought me to this time and place because I know you will want to hear about it and understand, instantly.

I reconsider my behaviour since my arrival and I sense the peace and love that we could experience together as well as the excitement I feel it n my stomach, my heart is opening and vibrating with love, a love of acceptance and belonging, is this possible I ask myself,  I believe in the universe and all its infinite power providing a strong guidance for me, everything happens for a reason, we meet others to learn, to love, to achieve different levels of understanding, there is no such thing as coincidence, it is as it is meant to be, I suppress my doubts and fears and accept that this is a beginning perhaps of a longer journey to greater happiness or an episode of my life where I will learn something wonderful, intrigued I continue to inquire and discuss wanting to know more and listen to your speaking, your emotional intelligence absorbs me and happily relaxed I enjoy the conversation wondering if we will meet again and share some personal time over a glass of wine or a coffee, we exchange contact details and I imagine how nice it will be to see you again, A hug a kiss on the cheek and we part until the next time…
Love, feelings, Mystery
Paul Stevens
Written by
Paul Stevens
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