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Nov 2012
We come and go
like the seasons that forever change,
what mystery to know where the road
will take us in a life time.

If remembering our past,
it would indefinitely shape our future.

We are one in human nature
but our nurture sets us apart,
therefore β€œall men are created equal”,
but what divides us is a broken highway
to the shadowed valley of death.

Fear no evil in what lies ahead
for the future is bright
in mind,heart and soul.

A kingdom is beyond our grasp,
but the depths of our sanity
are determined by a sociological
and psychological point of view.

How would one determine
the preconceived notion of self worth,
all while understanding that is it capable
to lose ourselves in the laws of the world?

Choose not to live for the "structure" of the world,
but live for acknowledgement
that there is a tomorrow
and we are in control.

We will all be admired by
our strength, courage and beliefs,
even if your views differed
from other individuals.
No matter the sin that bestowed us,
these were our core values
amongst faith itself.
Written by
Marc  Canada
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