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May 2018
sometimes the walls
peel down    
in tears and metal
as the floodgates
               open wide
as the soul is bared,
softly humming
its release of pride
heartbeats strong
head up high
queenly stance
bearing storms
ready for the battle
taking form
yet holding on tight
to solace's reins
praying to heaven
for grace in the strain
for soon the cry
                  to action
will fall upon this
           tender land
all that exists
washed away in
        a whirlwind
of sand    
in the distance
a lightflare
a whipping up of womb
a time for victory's place
in this tempest monsoon
and within my skin
in the flight of
               my freeze  
my pain opens up
and allows
Lora Lee
Written by
Lora Lee
         Zulma, Krizhe Ming, Santita, ---, --- and 99 others
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