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May 2018
My little astroman
You float through the empty
A tiny white
Against a giant blue,
A beautiful diamond in an infinite black
It is free
It is alive
It is wonderful
It is Earth


My little astroman,
Utterly alone
With no one by your side
Sit and watch
As the world

In an instant
With blinding brilliance
A once Beautiful diamond
Has become grey coal
For this gem is marked with fury and fire

The world blazes,
it’s charred throat too burnt to scream
It’s eyes to seared too see

My little astroman
You know you will never go back
Never see the red
Nor feel the green
Never hear the birds
Nor taste the air reach out...

My little astroman
no longer do you have a home
My little astroman,
Now, do you float alone
Neon Beaches
Written by
Neon Beaches  Other/Keplar-22b
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