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May 2018
Maybe right now as you read this you’re feeling alone, friends nonexistent
Maybe you feel as if no one is ever going to love you because why would they?
Maybe you don’t see how someone can like someone who sees love as something so distant
Maybe all you’re trying to do is escape the society that is hunting you like their pray.

Maybe everyone around is growing up starting families and getting jobs
Maybe everyone is getting success while all you get is failure
and maybe all you can think is ‘what am I doing wrong’ when is it going to be?
Am I not allowed to be happy, am I not good enough as just me?

I won’t tell you that it’s going to be alright
People tell me that all the time, but they can’t promise me and I can’t promise you either
but I promise you that you are never alone and sometimes that can feel like a breather.
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