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Nov 2012
My time has come, my love
My time has run out
So with a sigh I lean forward to kiss your hand
And I pray my lips will never touch your skin again

For the Devil, oh the fiend
The Devil has called my card
And a deal must be honored even amongst the wicked
And a soul must be taken, my love

Hear my heavy footsteps
Hear them echo through the halls
As I walk towards the door
To see you nevermore

See the dark clouds engulf the evening
Hear the thunder roar
Feel the heat in the room as the door creaks open
For I will see you no more

Fear the figure standing in the front
The pale man with red, wicked eyes
The man who holds your love
In a paper signed with blood

Look for me in heart and nowhere else
Pray we never meet again
For all that awaits me is fire and anguish
But a price must be paid for a prize

Hear the moaning of the wind
As the Devil smirks and the door closes
As you sit there with tears in your eyes
And know that tears are temporary

Keep the door shut, my love
Forget the kiss upon your hand
Forget the weight upon your heart
For a debt has been paid, and I am this world's no more

So live on my love
Live the life I gave for you
And forget my touch and my memory
For love weathers even hellfire
Nik Bland
Written by
Nik Bland  28/M/Port Charlotte, FL
(28/M/Port Charlotte, FL)   
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