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May 2018
I remember a man who told me I was going to lead the revolution
The conversation was really quite one sided
He was talking to himself, really, addressing our class
Saying he would remember our names if he ran into us, laughing
And I said, rather quietly, “We’ll see about that”
And I don’t understand how a man can turn to a child which such certainty like that
With a voice and demeanor like mine
And simply say, “Please, how could I forget you? I’ll turn on my TV one night and your name will be there with the caption ‘Leads 110,000 on march to D.C.’ You’ll head the revolution.”
And it makes no sense
As if he knows what’s been consuming my thoughts lately
I’m scared to grow up
Not in this way where I don’t want to lose my childhood
Let’s be honest I made myself grow out of childhood a while back
But to grow up and watch my generation do nothing to fight back
Like we saw the generation before us do
Would I lead a revolution?
If I had enough to fight with me
But I’m scared we’ll let them rule us
Day after day
And we’ll be in agony
But I want to move years forward and tell them that such a life is not living
And I’m scared
So how did a man know something that frequents my thoughts at this daring hour
Or maybe he can see the future
And knows precisely what I plan to do with my intelligence and intuition
He must know I don’t have much
Teachers are strange about those things
That’s why I want to be one
But to the man, I hope you’re right
Because I have a group of peers I don’t want to see fall to an enemy they’re ignoring
It’s an elephant in the room, but if it’s up to me my peers will be riding them out of the room and through the House
So thank you for believing me, sir
You’ll see about what I can do
yeah, a teacher actually said that to me, and i’m really confused. because lately that’s the only thing i think about: the revolution and when it’s coming.
Written by
ollie  15/M
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