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May 2018
this undeniable beauty of yours
captivated my soul
how this mess of a boy
came across this spectacle of life
cumulative of all good I see
what a trick fate had planned
I was glad and gad
I banned this suicidal sickness of mine
as soon as my eyes came across your gold mine
Having lost all hope of finding
I had spent this past year wandering,
with empty thoughts of mine
in hope of finding you
but when you came
as a flower blossoming in spring
you made it so I found no reason to complain

the laugh of yours
contagious as it was,
and dangerous as it was
purer still than the smiles I had forced
for now I see, reasoning in me
to pursue the light
for at the end of the tunnel
is where you stand
your hand open
empty for me
and till now I had given my half
wary of perhaps a sudden depart
but you stuck close
closer than I was for you
but never will I ever
let you stand alone
its your life over mine
its like my mind
has a life of its own,
getting happier still
I'm finding more reasons to bring
more joy in this world
finding in you
every reason for good
it all started with you
and I wanna see it all the way through
We all hope and dream of finding the one. Similar to all of you is my circumstance, wondering what it would feel to have that special someone, sitting sighing in my loneliness, I thought perhaps to write this poem. Maybe when I find the one, ill giver her this poem on her birthday. Maybe that's how things will turn out, but heck who knows.
   Kam and Angie Marcano
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