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May 2018
There is a decision to be made,
There is a future,
There is a past,
There is a "so-so" chance at happiness,
Behind door number one is your future,
Door two contains some pain, but with a hint of pleasure.

What would you miss most?
A place to laugh like no one is watching?
Or a place to shred the moment and skate passed your problems?
This is the riddle that hides the key to the door of your choosing,
Think hard,
Thoughts can be a teacher in the dark.

Door one is Blue,
Door two is Black,
Choose between your favorite colors,
You've got a tough decision to make, my darling,
Secure your dusty pencil shavings,
Switch to ink if you must,
Do you enjoy being humid when the frost blows?
Cold palms when the heat rises?
The past is freezing in the shaded fog,
The future is boiling with steam-filled bubbles.

Door two is in your future if your mind stutters at the thought of "I love you",
I'll tell you something simplistic,
Door two is indestructible to everyone, except yourself,
Door one is to be shaved into crumbs of sawdust, once your decision turns,
There is no going back and those shredded pieces of entry can never be referbrished,
Read the fine print,
If door one becomes door two,
You lose the door that dissipates into nothing,
You can keep the fire burning with consistent attention,
When it defuses, it is like scraping a burnt match,
Never to be utilized again,
You can't manage a roaring fire in the pouring rain.

So here you stand,
Two doors,
A 50-50 chance,
Don't do damage to your dome,
Follow your hearty wishes and dreams,
That is what your future holds,
Live it,
Love it,
Idolize it,
Door one lives on,
Door two fades to black,
No thought,
No hesitation,
You win,
He loses,
I prevail.
Written in winter of 2008. Slightly edited in 2018.
DP Younginger
Written by
DP Younginger  Cleveland, Ohio
(Cleveland, Ohio)   
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