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May 2018
They tease and they tantalise
Those wild-haired men,
For a raging sea of shapes that
clamour and grasp for their attention,
Despite blending into the colours of others.

Their velvet voices softer than their
growling, grovelling masks onstage,
Their words full of electric promise that
dazzle a new generation in new times,
Transcending the blur of decades to provide
hope for lost souls.

Untainted by the cracked lines of age
Simply because they never wore them in the first place.
And yet they fill their caged time with
fireworks that burn into the heart of the
living, and spark the memory of the

Ah, how I adore those wild-haired men,
For they carry me to a brighter time
Which I can only experience in my mind.
I wrote this a few years ago as a tribute to my favourite rock stars from the 1960s and 1970s. Long live rock 'n' roll!
Ffion Jones
Written by
Ffion Jones  20/F/Wales
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