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May 2018
How magnanimously meaningless are the
false falsettos of fiefdom
To each his own
but to own is the delight
capitalist **** preaching catalytic crimes
all swallowed down as wine
and you can gloat and dine,hey;
whatever floats your boat
but listen here you ignoramus
my **** spews out more truth than those
booths of your dedication to your religion
you so proudly sit with.
so don't associate me with yourself,
and don't confuse this rant of mine with
a libertine declaration
of being a free living millennial
ill avoid mention; you rotten ****,
adopting whatever you deem cool, hey here's an idea
jump into a newer bandwagon, ill drive,
sooner or later everyone will expect those cries,
when your all seeing eyes will have you expecting your demise,
as i drive off of a cliff,
oh wait, am I suicidal?
quite simply diabolical
enough to sacrifice to satan
my tainted soul
so i can see yours cry to the Gods
each of you so declared false
about a minute before
perhaps in these meaningless mumbo jumbo of words
you manage to find meaning,
but deduce from reading, a reasoning
your hypocrisy is as apparent
and as dangerous
as it is contagious
fret not, i wont stop
the next time you adopt
a more popular of the plots,
my questions will act as a glock,
locked on your head, but you would much rather
avoid death than accept
the dread of religious abandonment,
you've lost all my respect.
I tried to mimic Tim Minchin, rather his style, but out came this wierd, not meaningless, definitely structure-less stream of words that just sounded fun to read out. in other words=== words. read. fun.
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