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May 26
Walking home from a local pub
The evening so quiet
With the distinct smell of magnolia
Lingering in the midnight air
I look up at the stars
Suddenly my thoughts are taken back in time
It seems like yesterday I think
Where did the time go
Those endless nights of excitement
We’d throw stones on a stranger’s roof
Dare to ring someone’s doorbell
Then run away as fast as lightning
We laughed so much our stomachs hurt
Now our muscles contract from stress
The needle had reached the end of the record
Lifted and returned to its holding place
The stereo light still burning when returning home
From an intoxicated night of pleasure and dance
Oh the bliss of ignorance and youth
Sometimes it’s better not to know
I continue to walk on
Suddenly I see a FOR SALE sign
Someone else’s dream has come to an end
Or perhaps it’s just begun
You never know how special the moment is until it’s past
The biggest regret is regret
Written by Sean Achilleos 25 May 2018©
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Sean Achilleos
Written by
Sean Achilleos  45/M/Southern Africa
(45/M/Southern Africa)   
     Rick the shoe shine boy and Rose
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