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May 2018
I wish that hearts were like dogs and you could let someone take it out
for a walk
for a while

and feel nice and hollow for sometime
like taking off shoes after a long hard day
and walking on cool rainy grass

I want sleep to be sleep,
to just roll the eyes back
and drift off
not alt+Ctrl+del to cross end a thousand thoughts
one by one

or stand behind
a hundred doors
opening into a hundred roads
with choices sitting like avian minions of hell
on the branches of my being.

All we desired was a simple life

Instead we are subjected to an inevitable mess of

ads for The Youtube Appβ„’ popping up after every three videos
ruining your playlist

This world
Our dear world
on the arms of Atlas,
recently existential
thinking of shrugging it off

So even though
there are great lessons to be learnt in life,
everything is eventually ******

And sometimes all you can do is light a cigarette pour a glass of wine
and hold this eventuality
till your life starts to resemble
an open ended french film

Just a bunch on interwoven stories with no resolution

It's like being the worlds fastest runner with a phobia of finish lines

It's like being on tinder ironically  to protest hookups

It's like coming to a sudden realisation that you are a character in a movie just before a huge plot twist is going to occur

and you are trying to convince the hero to expand the plotline by suggesting asinine adventures and avoid the end

But heroes are uni dimensional and all they know is to strive towardsΒ their deserved finale

The queen is in the castle
The bad guy has a sword sticking out
Anchors are in the shore

Now what?

Execute function in a transdimensional code written by bored intergalactic nerds with low job satisfaction

<End simulation.ext> ?

Every little effort counts
Every day you wake up
To the sound of alarm
Back and forth the day away
piecing together


question mark question mark
mumble mumble
dot dot dot dot


While in some alternate ancient century BC
a feather falls on an ocean
creating the tiniest ripple and destroying Atlantis
PC classic
Written by
PC classic  27/M
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