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May 2018
When you look up into the night sky you never notice the dullest star

and when you gaze into a pond full of rocks you never see the smallest pebble

No one wants to explore a stream of water when there are oceans of beauty

  Yet I hope to be seen in a garden of flowers when I am but a blade of grass

And even if I’m the prettiest asteroid what am I compared to Jupiter

For what is a girl like me in a world full of people like you
Is it just me or is it hard not to compare? I try my best at everything but I always fall short. Falling shorter than everyone else. I watch everyone rise above, as I only fall.
Pure of Stars
Written by
Pure of Stars  16/F/i don’t know
(16/F/i don’t know)   
       Alec, ---, andromeda green, Fawn and Elizabethanne
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