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May 2018
Him: "You know I love you right?
She: "I know." she says in a *****, ****, whispered tone
She: "Just lay back and let me love you baby mmmm...."
Mmmm the way you kiss me... I love it
The way you touch me in such ****** places
Oooh I crave it so much
I just can't ******* control myself
Baby you make me feel so alive
I can't ******* put into words how you make me feel
I just feel every moment that the two of us experience together
I feel each moment so deeply
Omfg mmmm yeah...
Just do that to me again....
Make me feel that again....
And don't stop.....
I wanna keep going
Make me *** over and over
Make me *** as many times possible
I don't give a **** baby....
Just drown me with ***
Just **** me with your **** body
I don't want to feel nothing else but your **** body and skin
Mmmm yeah.... nothing else has ever felt so right
Oooooh yeah.... You know who the **** I'm talking about
You know who you are....
**** baby you're so wild.....
You drive me so ******* wild.....
And all I crave is more and more....
And more and more.....
Keep ******* me....
*** my body endlessly
**** I love the pleasure!
**** I love the pressure!
Mmmm make me scream baby!
Xoaquín Oznian
Written by
Xoaquín Oznian  USA
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