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May 2018
List what i saw today and what happened Today:
Man walked by
hole in Wall
She is not talking????
daily Diary gone
Found the pictures don't want to say about It
Eyes? They look like eyes I don't really know [Could be fake
Lots of dolls [Im taking]
Who is Abi?????
Doing lots of stuff

Ok i Just found something it is her diary I guess It was not missing? They are watching someone but i'm confused who I think it might be her crush but it's a bunch of people So maybe not?? Updates soon

15 Missing I think

On new Medication says I will be better soon. Will make videos when im better Peace out
Written by
M  62°56'38'N 45°41'00'E
(62°56'38'N 45°41'00'E)   
   Daniel Ruiz, R Jerry and AAron Roz
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