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May 2018
She stared
at the falling rain.

It seemed endless
from sky to earth.

Out in the playground
nothing stirred.

Behind her
in the assembly hall
other kids were bored
as she was
and walked in pairs
or groups or sat
on the stage
and played cards
or make believe

Benny saw her
and placed hands
over her eyes
from behind.

"Guess who?"
He said.

"Elvis Presley"
she said
turning round
and taking his hands
in hers.

"He couldn't make it
so sent me instead"
Benny said.

"Look at it"
she said
"hasn't stopped
all morning."

He stood beside her
looking out.

"No place to go
to be alone"
he said.

"I know a room
we could hide in"
she said.

He looked at her.
"Not the gym
it's crowded"
he said.

She took his hand
and semi-dragged him
across the hall
and out
into the busy corridor.

He followed her
as she made her way
through the crowds of kids.

She turned right
and down stairs
that led to store rooms
and an unused classroom.

He followed her in
and she closed the door.

"Just right"
she said.

He looked around
the empty classroom.

There were old desks
and chairs
and a cupboard
over in a corner.

"How did you find
this place?"
He said.

"By Chance"
she said
"saw old Piper
come in here once
a few months back."

The room was dim
but warm.

She pulled him to her
and they kissed.

She put her arms
about him
and placed a hand
at the back of his head
and held him close

He sensed her body
against his.

His right hand
touched her thigh
and his left touched
the outline of her bra.

The bell sounded
about them
but sounding not near
but far away
thus ending
the kissing
for the day.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  71/M/England
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