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May 2018
The hourglass tips, sand pouring out,
Golden flecks of time all floating about.
I ****** at them, flailing, but catch only one -
A moment to cherish, shining bright as the sun.

But then it is gone! as quick as it came,
and I’m torn with such grief, such passion and pain!
There will be no more like it - none ever again,
For each of our moments is like a flame in the rain.

Somber, I watch, a veil of fear about me,
Afraid of what will happen when the sand is all free.
But the sand keeps falling, like Fall’s golden leaves,
I reach out to reclaim them, like Fall’s bare trees.

But soon -- too soon -- the glass is purged of sin,
The goals, the dreams, the what-might-have-beens,
Leave tortuously, weeping at what I could have done,
If I only could have known them: those minute grains of sun.
and the clock continues to tick.
Owen J Henahan
Written by
Owen J Henahan  17/M/Peachtree City, GA
(17/M/Peachtree City, GA)   
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