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May 2018
Years ago I wrote on
how I would always be there
for every birthday of every person
I have never had the chance to meet.

I faithfully stand
by my words
that each person's birthday
I wish to cherish your day
the life that you have.

It is only through compassion,
understanding, and appreciation
that we can all come to realize
how interconnected we truly are.

So today is my birthday
but today I give you my hopes
and these are not for myself
to have the best day today,
but for you my friend to have the best of yours.
I offer you all I can.  I do not know what support you have, but I will provide you the best I can.  Happy birthday to all the people needing someone to cherish them.
Michael Ryan
Written by
Michael Ryan  27/United States
(27/United States)   
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