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Jun 2018
"One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Everyday I wake up to the anthem,
The song of hope, a revitalization
To the lost children of the land, given up by the master's hand.
Humility, conscience, morality, does it matter anymore?
Under the skin of the new man,
They raise it up, all according to plan.

So what do we do to set it straight?
Save them all, and break the chains?
Of the nations that attacked us,
Attacked the peace and prosperity,
Attacked our culture, our abilities.
So what should we do right now?

Kneeling one at a time, lighting the kerosene to set the fire,
Removing the flags of old days that put the darkness on our way,
Under the world of sorrow, there lies the light, a key.
Nobody knows, until the flags become ash.
Nobody knows, until we shed our skin and pray.
Pray for a unified world.
Pray to burn them all.

I woke up on a field.
Littered with 195 crosses.
Darkened, broken, ready to be fallen into pieces.
But they still live on.
To remind us of our failures.
"The flags are burning. What should we do?"
Written by
anotherken  15/M/Philippines
   Marz Ataio
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