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May 2018
This is not
the time
for her
ResumeΒ Β I- I sir_ with love
Above all

What do we write
Web-BITE He's
Beer In The Evening

And She's
Good Deeds__
Never love
Marilyn Monroe
**** white dress
going way up in flight
The candle in the wind
I presume
The artist
with all
her heart of
Show the rainbow

Love Firey Boom
Tulips reading her lips
Her garden Of Eve
Became toxic
Her love needs
be beautified
Taking some words
out that were lied
To be justified
Madonna wearing
her bustier
Lady Madona baby
at her breast
I presume she
the rest___

I assume love for all
poem requiem
The Italian art
of the Colesium
The ((Collegium))
college chicks

There is not fancy
words for spitting
Lady-like gum
I presume humbug
Her heirloom like
her resume's
Worthy every day
a Holiday

Everlasting embossed
fourteen karat gold
Abloom drawing
Β Β The many types
of blood
Disguised costume
The court joined
judge Judy
Suspended resume
Boom all doomed
Nom De Flume
Girly powder room
Slender long
back room
He's her man is
there still room
The showroom
made a mob hit
The bridegrooms
nook back

The Gunroom
We need to get
gun control
Save everyone's
Too many
Loved ones are dying
help one another
So we can live more
Put ourselves
in a better world

The body and mind
Her resume
is like the
role of dice
A Resume needs to be worked on like a love. What do we really presume not words or only words like I assume?  And way too many words? What I ask or spaces we need a better understanding
Robin  Carretti
Written by
Robin Carretti  F/Hightstown,NJ
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