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May 2018
A  Articulate
C  Christ
D  Demon
C  Challenge

The writer group
session Australian
Hard Rock Lion
Rebirth Laptop
All grouped in
The City
Singer she thinks
her style of the pick
Raw sugar on me
The Taylor Swiftly
Her wings of
No  Ladybug  
Patriot Brady Bee

A group meeting
Got stung doing the
Jazzy lounge Bearhug
Music notes of Junk
Whole marriage records
So group me in

Signed rotten Platinum
Miss the concert line
Jive Five
The tribe
all feathered
Group( Kiss)
Dark eyes vibe
the King of rock
You shock me all night
Elvis ain't nothing
hounded hitchhiked
ACDC-Money Talks
50 shades of the Greyhound
Those twin singers
Tinker Bell Groupies
Now it's the
Hells Bell
The four letter word

F---K E Fake

What a ***** of
the light finger
The bands became
AARP Old Rocker
What a **** in her
rocker pants

Drum roll
Rock and Roll
Tour group of

FRANCE F- Friendship  R -Remain
A- And N- Never C-Can E-End

ITALY I- T-Trust  A-And L-Love Y You

ENGLAND E-Every N-New G-Guy L Leaves
A-After N-Ninety D-Days

The world in
Eighty tight money Days
Group 8 days a week
ahh I need
your love girl
I guess you know its true
And when you're Pregnant
Hey we are Rockers
we don;t have a clue
I phone fingers do the
Hard rock Art of music
Please no old
folks snoring

Days so long belly
The canvas
one-day creation
The car broke
her water broke
Due date
280 days
Group Pregnancy

The mechanic
charging by
the hour
That Callgirl
not interested

Age of the rush
Pinterest pictures
Poison Ivy itching

Slower age Envy
To crush *******

And going back
Forever modern age
Hey world be clever

We are all  a group
My jackpot
My baby
most blissful
Inked in Pink
Spiritual, Group  rock, and roll all words with comical meaning light me up face needs a recharge money cannot buy love or money can be nothing when you don't have your cards played right with Jackpot baby
Robin  Carretti
Written by
Robin Carretti  F/Hightstown,NJ
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