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May 2018
Another Mother,
don't bother
The Bird buddy
such anger
for the human,
we are_
((Free birds))
Locked the
Queen Parliament
All humans\//
are the caged ones
(Tweets) fanatically
insane feet
Bird Fever
twiddle dee
her satin sheets
(fiddle me)
Mr. Brando bird can see??
Bird front
breasted docks
Cardinal Pope
flocks of Coo
Moo clocks
Commando Crumbs
Crows feet heavy
metal big bro beat
Angry tears of a clown
The  tweet's on twitter
Rap brother
Big! brother Nomad

named Conrad_?
The kiss it never
felt like this

(Ann Margaritas))
Polly crackers
and French Brie
Terrible two
tweets/ angry-fits
All she does is sit
High flight buns
poppy seeds
I'm a free bird.
Please, no cages
******* wages.
Conrad Birdie
army got
you now.
bird created
Billy Crystal
bye, birdie.
  Got stuffy
Pyshco bird
shower but_
She eats like a bird
zombie pantry.
Those breadcrumbs
4 seasons
Bird  feet seedy
The Gordon Fisherman

Starfish in her girdle;
Angry dogs of beagles
Jewish Bagels from
Brooklyn cream
cheese and lox
What a  bird **** puddle.
That security guard he
pecks and nibble
The bicycle she still
peddles at Peddlers
A whole bird village
Pa. Ha Ha
Papas and the mamas
There slowing me down
turtles imagine
me and you I do.
I think about you every
Rooftop twittering  
I need a lighter
No birdy littering
Wheres my bird waiter
Dorothy Rainbow
Brother, we
don't need to
Robin Red Breast
The Ladybirds braveheart
Solomon Island
movie part
The Rainbow
She swept him off
another tweet
Down to the rainforest
Purple Prince
looked at her feet
girls so bitter
Her coffee
Freely and lightly
He went over to her
and said
Your coffee is
for the birds' sweetie
She said tweet tweet
You'll never be my bird
Angry is the word
The birdie humor, not good humor truck a peck and **** birds of a feather do they really love and work
Robin  Carretti
Written by
Robin Carretti  F/Hightstown,NJ
     ---, TSPoetry, Cné and ---
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