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May 2018

Momma you blame yourself
Blame youself for what daddy did
It's not your fault
He chose to hurt us
He's better now
You made him better
I don't trust him yet
You don't either

Momma why do you and daddy fight
I can't stand listening to the screaming
Slamming doors
You try to hide your tears, your pain
I notice
It hurts me too

Momma what are you hiding
You're hiding daddy's terrible secret
You don't know I know
I cry about it at night

Momma what did I do
You yell at me for trying
You yell at me for feeling
Why can't you be there for me
Why won't you let me be me

Momma you're hurting us
We try to be better
We bring ourselves up
You knock us down

Momma don't you love me
Don't you love me
Why don't you love me
Please don't hurt me
Don't hurt me

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