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May 2018
I've been told
I feel too much
I overreact
As I'm easily judged
I overthink
Fervently speak
You dismiss my beliefs
And enforce critique

I've accepted your view
It's not mine to change
But open your mind
As our perspectives exchange

It's a gift and a curse
This heart of mine
For those I love or barely know
I'd drop everything, in the blink of an eye

It's true,
I feel ten times more than you
Your words hold the power
To rip me in two

But also know
I laugh louder than most
Joy floods my veins
Insanely compassionate--diagnosed

Worn heart on my sleeve
Isn't that what they say?
My emotions revealed
Requires more strength than you display

I choose to see good
In most everyone I meet
The world is cold enough
I empathize, I know how it mistreats

The spirit of a child
My soul in search of wonder
At the sight of the ocean
Or the clapping of thunder

I believe this is beauty
A mystery most won't comprehend
I'd face the demons before you
If it meant your nightmares end

I'll never stop feeling so deeply
Believe me when I say I've tried
Every fiber of me is stitched in love
An easy target, but you're welcome inside

© JL Smith
JL Smith
Written by
JL Smith  Texas
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