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Oct 2012
it was bursting at the seams when you held me -
and i could hear the muted thump of your heart
through the fabric of your t-shirt.
when your fingers pulled through the growing-out shortness of my hair and
your lips at my forehead -
that was when i knew it.

and when you would whisper,
"i have a secret,"
and i would look up at your shining-eyed face,
and smile, and whisper back,
"what is it?"
and you would whisper,
"i think i've told you before, but
you're beautiful."
it was bursting at the seams when i kissed you,
and the way we couldn't breathe
and the kind of want we didn't know existed.

and falling asleep with my face tucked into your chest
and your fingers brushing my hair back
from my face

and our breathing slowing

and our whispered wantings

that was when i knew it,
and soon i'll have to say it.
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