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May 2018
Did you hear her broken song?
A song full of hope and freedom.

Did you hear her broken voice?
Raspy and full of agony.

The words raged past her lips,
Her captors did not know.

To cage a Bird,
Is to rip a mother from her child.

Did you hear her beg for help?
"I Did, yet I did not help."

She yearns and dreams,
But what are dreams,
Behind a cage?

What is hope when it is broken?
What is life without a soul?

Did you see her crimson tears?
A pain untold that tore the mind.

Did you see her damaged form?
Arms broken,
Legs forever shattered.

Hair in tatters,
No life in her eyes,
Nothing to indicate,
That she was alive.

Did you taste the grief you caused?
You're malice and betrayal,
They consume you heart,
Corruption is birthed.

Did you taste her tormented cries?
You tortured,
You abused,
And left a deformed being.

Did you taste the victory,
The victory on the tip of you tongue,
Finally you've finished,
Finished you creation...


It's such a shame,
Greed has led the deaths of innocence,
Burnt it to ashes.

Let it cower and hide,
In the darkest corners of Hell,
Whilst you live a life,
That belonged to someone else.
Zainab Ibrahim
Written by
Zainab Ibrahim  21
     --- and eric calabrese
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