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May 2018
Far away in the distance I see
Fireflies, each one tiny, and brighter than the morning sun
Like suspended lanterns they sparkle
Coming ever closer,
Alluring; glittering, dazzling wings beating faster than the eye can follow

Suddenly they gather, more and more of them
A whirlwind around me
Surrounding, beautiful, stunning
These hypnotizing fireflies come closer, brushing up against me
Tiny stars blotting out a velvet sky above

And then all at once a dream turns to a nightmare
As a hundred minute creatures swarming up in magnificently terrifying clusters
Press against me, making it impossible to move
Pigmy devils, to be sure
Choking me, stealing my breath away
Swirling up into my eyes, my nose, my mouth
I can’t breathe, I can’t think!
Suddenly their lights are too bright, no longer simple stars but supernovas
I am blind and deaf to the world,
And stumble to my knees,
Sinking haltingly to the ground
The world
To Black.

But then as quickly as they’d come, they vanish
I draw in a mouthful of sweet, sweet air
Forever to be haunted by the memory of a million insect legs, crawling, buzzing and blocking out my world

Yet still I am alive.

I get up warily and look about- not a soul to be seen.
I turn, and in a daze,
Begin to trudge the long hike back,

Back to anywhere with insect repellent.
Not everything is as it appears. A word of advice- Approach with caution anything that at first glance appears enticing
Written by
Rain  F/Kyrgyzstan
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