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May 2018
The lack of pain,
compared to the amount of attention.
The math doesn't add up.
When is there not something wrong?
When are you ever not miserable?
You are never truly happy.
I can't take it anymore.
Being your only friend has crushed me.
It has gotten to the point,
You have forced me to chose:
Chose between my own mental health, or yours.
I swear I am going insane.
I swear you are not helping.
Never once did you ask me if I was okay.
Talking about our problems always turned into a competition.
Yours always seemed to outweigh mine,
Not in severity, but in number.
I will miss you,
But this is best for me.
And me is what matters right now.
here is more about me losing my best friend. She has crushed me and broken me worse than nay heartbreak
Written by
Estella  16/F
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