May 15
We meet at the park
for the first time,
a rhyme in real life,
same insecurity,
same purity
in our
different stories,
which lead us
into this spine rhyme.
So much we decline,
this moment clearly is
a strategy to cope
with our loneliness,
to forget what a mess
we are, a slope
and would we start
to think, we'd fall
in a blink,
sink in old
patterns of
But we sit down
in the meadow,
have our poems to hold onto,
leading us through the fear of being nothing
of interest.
We already know
we have that in common
and I start and share something,
but you don't know what to say,
nervous you find safety in your own,
read what has left your heart,
as you were sitting
in your quest
to digest
And the nature becomes silent,
cause everything starts to listen,
smelling some glimpse of your
wisdom, you start whispering,
the attention makes you uncomfortable,
though you just cause
the surroundings'
Time still,
and I tell you
and we share our thoughts,
now that we both felt the force,
the whole afternoon
our life
the unfilled parts.
Feels good,
no one walks away,
out of awkward unpredictability.
No condition to be worth
the way between now and future.
And it happens,
like it happened long ago,
in different stories,
the colors around start to shine again,
you reach out to hold my hand,
further diving, imminent.
Written by
Crown Shyness
         Ira Meadows, Moonlight, The Auger Noir-chive, Lily, PM and 15 others
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