May 14
I didn't choose it
I didn't wake up one day and tell myself
let's be anxious
let's be depressed
let's want to die
let's become an alcoholic

I didn't choose to be like this
slowly my problems
my monsters
became visible
they started small
skipping lunch
having a shot or two
shaking for a while in school
but I fell

I didn't choose to be this person.
We just get handed who we are.
I didn't choose this.
I never wanted to be that

I didn't want to be riddled with anxiety and insecurities,
to wallow in self-pity and sleep for hours everyday
to sneak vodka in water bottles
to take shots in the middle of the night
to steal razors
to eat one-hundred calories and then barf it back up
but that's what happened.

I didn't choose this
I didn't choose
I didn't choose to tear apart my life.
it just
I'm really good right now but in a reflective state currently oof
Written by
Ashton  13/United States
(13/United States)   
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