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May 2018
for nat

a dedication for me, how nice!
it confused me how such a person could dedicate their poems
to someone random, someone unknown.
it puzzled me really for i am no one but just a person who only
"writes to heal, just to feel, to be sure, that i am who i claim to be,"
like every other poet.
my style is who i am, it embodies my soul and my mind.
your style is who you are, it embodies your attitude, your feelings.
it is who we are really,
did you ever figure out who i am?

vive la différence!
connaître la différence
from a dedication, just two simple words,
and a purest dedication.

a purest dedication that ignites a smile bound to last,
just simply because of a poem that was never asked.
Written by
jul  F
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