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May 2018
Today I took a journey
Didn't know what I would find
I didn't venture far though
I just went inside my mind

To some it is intriguing
To see just what I think
I don't go in too far though
I just stay on the brink

Ideas are here a plenty
Each one a flower all in bloom
But, some are hard to capture
And others need some room

A garden full of promise
Self censored, quite aloof
Watered down and milky
Because, you can not face the truth

A bolt of liquid lightning
Sometimes escapes to the air
It gets past all the fences
And lands, god knows where

Thoughts that circle wildly
Cross the line away from light
Thoughts somehow unfocused
That leave me screaming in the light

The word pictures I paint now
Are the ones you want to read
The ones I leave inside me
I don't know just where they lead

Distractions all around me
Squirrel!!!....there's one now
I focus but it's hard to
I can not explain how

I hide away the anger
Leave some thoughts alone to die
I can't put them down on paper
I wouldn't even try

I listen to the voices
I let some of them come out
Others, I hide from
Those are full of doubt

My mind, it is a theater
I'm the only one on stage
Talk about a tough room
A lion, lost inside it's cage

I'm not saying it's crazy
Because, deep down I know I'm fine
But, I can see the journey into madness
Is just one toe over the line

Today, I took a journey
And I seem to have a knack
Of talking to the voices
And letting them talk back
Roger Turner - Poet
Written by
Roger Turner - Poet
     Deb Jones and Suzy
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