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May 2018
Word had it that treasure was at the bottom of the Organic Sea
A map that would plan the course
Creed and Selfishness on Captain Quid’s mind
But the Sea God’s disapprove of Captain Quid’s and Crew in getting the treasure
There will be no pleasure for measure
The Sea Waves turned sharp as if they had rage
It had nothing to do with age
Thunder roared and Lightening flashed
But Captain Quid was determined that the Treasure Chest was going to be his cash
It was a matter of timing having a dash
Determination was going to become reality in Captain Quid’s mind
However, the Sea God’s had a force
It would be Captain Quid’s ship in a toss
The Sea God’s wanted Captain Quid’s ship to get lost
The Sea God’s fiery was to make sure that the Treasure Chest stays buried at the bottom of the sea
Electric Eel’s and Whales were carefully guarding the Treasure Chest
It was certainly protection for good measure
Captain Quid’s Crew made several attempts of getting the fortune
But Captain Quid’s crew got the charge of their lives from the Electric Eel’s
Some of the crew were attacked and eaten up
While others abandoned the whole idea altogether
But the bottom line that Captain Quid never got the Treasure Chest to begin with
So how does Captain Quid feel now?
He is puzzled on an empty manifest
Yet Captain Quid and Crew are their own confess
But the Sea God’s said it best
“Creed will never have wealth, and Evil with demise will always have no clean bill of Health”.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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