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Oct 2012
Take me back to the asylum
Where the walls beg to breatheย 
Where everything is carefully broken
Where you can hear touch and see
Those souls that never want you to leave

Watch your step in these walls
Let yourself feel the pull, not the push
Everyone rides out their highs till the fallsย 
To wait till they're given the rush
To feel you must allow just as such

Feel the crawl upon your skin
Their hands and breath pervade you
From where? They stay withinย 
And in your mind they barricade you
Be not afraid, its how they'll persuade you

Tell me why you're here
And what is the reason you stay
I ask you why must I feel fear
And why you can't be in the mood to play
This cold wasn't here during the day
Definitely not in this way

Mother I'll guide you home
Take Gregory and the children and go
You're surrounded but still feel alone
And something is making it so
And from the darkness it flows
My ankle it will not let go
Johnny Overseas
Written by
Johnny Overseas  Minnesota
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