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May 2018
I saw a familiar face,
sitting under the burgandy tree.
Memories of where we once used to be.
now there’s a phantom,
occupying your place,
smiling creepily, waving at me.
Legs crossed, heart locked,
the key missing, with an arched back.
Short hair, cute glasses, cunning mind.
You’ve lost me now,
treachery, deceit, yet a gleeful memory.
Dark skies, bright clouds,
the thunder on your skin,
electrified my soul.
You’ve lost me now.
The departure set off a chain reaction,
what did I do to be the sole surviver
of your plan,
I swear I don’t understand.
The knife you stabbed still bleeds today,
yet I keep the wound open still,
wondering if you would come back to me.
The burgandy tree, has gone black,
the leaves have fallen
you haven’t come back
yet I see phantom,
she’s sitting under the burgandy tree.
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